sixty five

on Jamir:

hair: Atro Patena [MechuL Actor] FREE!
ears: Hebnon Vial [Trisha Zweig]
glasses: Reek [Riq Graves]
facial Hair: Emortal Concepts [Mcooter Graves]
top: L.A.B. [marianito24 resident] (available on xstreet) NEW! MESH!
tattoo: Glue Ink [Andi Rage]
skin: the body co. [thebodyco resident]
shorts: Arai [Mappy Handrick]
feet: SLink [Siddean Munro]

on me:

hair: lamb [Lamb Bellic] NEW! MESH!
sunglasses: PRISS [Erin Winterwolf] NEW!
flower: artilleri [Antonia Marat]
tattoo: Aitui [jesseaitui petion]
ring: flowey. [Flutter Memel]
top: L`Exception [Mikayla Kohl] MESH!
shorts: TokiDoki [Maya Levane] NEW! MESH!
flip-flops: Maitreya Gold [Onyx Leshelle]

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